From its origins during the English Civil War, CBC has been a group of people who are trying to be faithful to their faith in Jesus. There have been lots of ups and downs over the 360+ years.

If you’re interested in the detailed history of Cirencester Baptist Church and our origins, then follow this link: Cirencester Baptist Church History

The church has grown from a small group meeting in a house to a large congregation that is moving to a bigger building.
In recent years the church has grown in size and diversity – as new people from a wide variety of backgrounds have joined the congregation. At the same time there has been a growing desire to serve the communities in which we live. Many children, young people and families have joined the church – which increasingly shapes our church life. Although there are also many single and older people too.

There is a hunger among many at CBC for more of God’s Holy Spirit in our lives, our church and our community – and so we are asking God for just that.
Come and be part of this story.