In Genesis: I am the Word of God creating the heavens and the earth

In Exodus: I as the Passover Lamb whose blood is sprinkled on the doorposts of your hearts so you can escape the bonds of slavery

In Leviticus: I am the temple, your holy place to meet with God

In Numbers: I am your ever-present guide, the pillar of cloud by day and of fire by night

In Deuteronomy: I am the coming prophet who is greater than Moses

In Joshua: I am the conquering warrior leading my people into the promised land

In Judges: I am the broken saviour rising up to save my people

In Ruth: I am the kinsman redeemer

In 1+2 Samuel: I am the pure hearted shepherd king racing our to face the giants

In 1+2 Kings: I am the righteous ruler

In 1+2 Chronicles: I am the restorer of the kingdom

In Ezra: I am the faithful scribe

In Nehemiah: I am the rebuilder of the walls

In Esther: I am your advocate restoring your life to royalty

In Job: I am your living redeemer

In Psalms: I am the one hearing the cry of your hearts

In Proverbs: I am wisdom personified

In Ecclesiastes: I am the meaning that let you escape the madness

In Song of Solomon: I am your lover and your bridegroom

In Isaiah: I am the wonderful counsellor, everlasting father, mighty God, the Prince of Peace wounded for your transgressions and bruised for your iniquities

In Jeremiah: I am the Spirit who writes God’s laws on your hearts

In Lamentations: I am the weeping prophet

In Ezekiel: I am the river of life bringing healing to the nations

In Daniel: I am the 4th man in the fire

In Hosea: I am the ever-faithful husband pursuing His unfaithful bride

In Joel: I am the restorer of all that the locusts had eaten

In Amos: I am your burden bearer

In Obadiah: I am the judge of all the earth

In Jonah: I am the prophet cast out in the storm so the truth could be brought in

In Micah: I am the everlasting ruler born to you in Bethlehem

In Nahum: I am the avenger of God’s elect

In Habakkuk: I am your reason to rejoice even when your fields are empty

In Zephaniah: I am the great reformer

In Haggai: I am the cleansing fountain

In Zechariah: I am the pierced son who one day every eye will behold

In Malachi: I am the son of righteousness rising with healing in my wings

In Matthew: He is the King of the Jews

In Mark: He is the Son of God

In Luke: He is the Saviour born to us in the City of David, Christ the Lord

In John: He is the Word made flesh dwelling among us

In Acts: He is Christ the risen Lord proclaiming salvation to the nations

In Romans: He is the great justifier

In 1+2 Corinthians: He is the Spirit at work within the churches

In Galatians: He is the righteousness given to us by faith

In Ephesians: He is our righteous armour

In Philippians: He is God who meets our every need

In Colossians: He is the first born of all creation

In 1+2 Thessalonians: He is coming to meet his people in the air, descending from heaven

In 1+2 Timothy: He is the only mediator between God and man

In Titus: He is our faithful pastor

In Philemon: He is our redeemer who restores us to service

In Hebrews: He is our great High Priest

In James: He is the life at work in our faith

In the letters of Peter: He is the living cornerstone, rejected by men but exalted by God

In the letters of John: He is the advocate pleading His righteousness in our place

In Jude: He is God our saviour, the one who keeps us from stumbling

In Revelation: He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the Lamb that was slain, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords