CBC supports BMS World Mission (formerly the Baptist Missionary Society) every year to the tune of thousands of pounds. Here’s an update – including an excellent short video about their ministry across the world:

Thank you very much for the support your church fellowship has given to BMS World Mission in our last financial year which ended on 31 October 2012. Despite a challenging financial environment, I am pleased to say that we finished the year with only a small shortfall. This was due to the generosity of the churches and to our policy of constantly exploring ways to reduce UK costs, which has again resulted in 95p in every £1 donated being used for our core mission activities.

 You may have seen the BMS Finance update video at the Baptist Assembly, outlining both last year’s results and also plans for the coming year. If not, I would encourage you not only to take a look at this three minute video yourself, but also to share it with your church. You can find the video and other information about BMS finances at www.bmsworldmission.org/finance13

 How have your gifts been used? To build up local churches, empower national partners, demonstrate Christ’s compassion and, at the heart of all these activities, to make Jesus known:

 Church: We believe that actively engaging to build up the World Church is one of the most important ways to share our faith. In India this has led to dynamic growth in church planting, and in the Muslim-majority world mission to initiatives in Bangladesh and Lebanon. Within Europe BMS is strengthening the Church through church planting and ministerial training.


National Partners: ‘The highest goal of all we do is to bring people to a saving faith in Jesus Christ, and an experience of the abundant life that Jesus described.’ This key phrase from our strategy document For God… confirms our commitment to integrated mission. The principles of local ownership, dignity and empowerment are at the heart of all our partnerships.

 What does this mean in practice? To take two examples, it means:

  • bringing ex-prisoners to faith in Jesus Christ through the 2nd Chance Rehabilitation Centre in Zimbabwe which provides carpentry, agriculture and tailoring training as well as Biblical teaching.
  • empowering the Church in Uganda by working with local leaders to secure land rights and provide agricultural training, and using this environment for Christian witness.

Compassion: Care for people in need drives our commitment to sending people and resources to help alleviate poverty, prevent sickness and respond in times of disaster. For example, our medical mission workers in Chad are providing vital healthcare and, when the harvest failed, gave specialist treatment to malnourished children and supplied emergency rations for families without food. When Syrian refugees fled to Lebanon to escape the fighting, BMS personnel responded by providing emergency provisions such as food and blankets, and welcomed them within the local church.


Mission: Mission is at the heart of all BMS activities, and we support local churches in the UK in exploring their call to mission. For some this will mean sending mission workers or teams and for others developing Church Partner relationships with BMS personnel, ministries or regions. Some UK churches are exploring cross-cultural mission within their local community with support from BMS.

 We give thanks to God for the faithfulness of UK Baptist churches in supporting the work of BMS World Mission. With your support, we have been able to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard the gospel message. Please continue to share with us in mission this year, through prayer, giving and perhaps other ways, so that together we can take up the exciting opportunities that God is opening up to us.

 We pray God’s blessing on your fellowship.

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