Does the Christian faith make sense? Is there good evidence for believing in the story of Jesus and the contents of the bible? Is it possible to answer the objections raised by people like Richard Dawkins? How can I answer the questions that my friends keep asking? How can I answer the questions that I keep asking?

Matt Frost & John Goddard (from Cirencester Baptist Church) are convinced that there are very good reasons for believing in Jesus Christ and that in fact the story of God found in the bible is the best way to explain life, the universe and everything.

Come with your questions and see if you find some good answers.

Dates: Tuesdays

17th April       Why believe Jesus is the Son of God & he rose from the dead?

24th April       Why trust the bible?

1st May            Why believe in Science and God?

8th May          Why is there so much suffering?

15th May        Why are there so many religions?

Venue: Baptist Church

Time: 7.30pm

Cost: £10.00

Contact Cirencester Parish Office to book on 01285 659317.

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