The German pastor and theologian got a mention last Sunday at our 10.30am service. If he is new to you, then you can find out more about him here. I’ve always wanted to read more of his writings, but haven’t. I jumped at the chance to sign up to a 40 day email devotional courtesy of the Bible gateway website (you can sign up here if you are interested).

Whilst I still intend to sit down and read some of his writings in full (particularly “The Cost of Discipleship”) – these daily bite sized nuggets are valuable. I will doubtless be passing some of them on – here is one that spoke to me this week – reminding each of us that time alone with God every day is not an optional extra for the Christian – but at the heart of our life with him:

“There are three things for which the Christian needs a regular time alone during the day: meditation on the Scripture, prayer,and intercession…

In our meditation we read the text given to us on the strength of the promise that it has something quite personal to say to us for this day and for our standing as Christians․it is not only God’s Word for the community of faith, but also God’s Word for me personally…. We are reading the Word of God as God’s Word for us. Therefore, we do not ask what this text has to say to other people. For those of us who are preachers that means we will not ask how we would preach or teach on this text, but what it has to say to us personally.”

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