During August, at both our morning and evening services we will be looking at some of the questions that are often raised about belief in God and the Christian faith. Come prepared to think.

If you are not a Christian, you are more than welcome.

Sunday 7th:

  • AM: Why believe in God at all? – Matt Frost
  • PM: Why believe that Jesus is the Son of God? – John Goddard

Sunday 14th

  • AM: All Age Worship – Tony Jones
  • PM: Why are there different religions? – Phil Poole

Sunday 21st

  • AM: Why is the church so bad? – Alan Taylor
  • PM: Why is sin bad for us? – Michael McKemey

Sunday 28th

  • AM: Why trust the bible? – Matt Frost
  • PM: Why is there so much suffering? – Matt Frost

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