Shortly we will re-start our weekly sessions for our friends who are homeless and on the margins.  Having been on an addictions course and spoken to those involved with vulnerable people, we are better equipped to manage the challenges that arise.
The origins of the group were initially within the Alpha course, however the time has come to give the group an identity of its own. The format of the evening will be an invitation to join in fellowship over a hot meal.  For those who want to stay on, there will be an opportunity for Bible study/Christian discussion.
The name chosen is ‘signpost’.  The aim is to show love, support and encouragement – giving hope to all.  Should anyone want help whether this be practical in the form of clothing/food or counselling for addictions, we are not the answer to their problem but we can point them in the direction of where to get help but the primary action must be theirs.  Hence the name signpost.  Attached is our logo and mission statement.  We do not shy away from our ultimate aim which is by demonstrating Christian love to point the way to Jesus,
We have invited several new people to the group and should you come across anyone who may benefit from what is planned, they are more than welcome.
Time to talk and be listened to.
Acceptance. Everyone is valued.
To promote hope and encouragement.
Support for those wishing to tackle problems that limit your quality of life. We can point to agencies that are able to help you address your needs.
Mondays 7pm at Jesse’s Bistro, Black Jack Street, Cirencester
For more details contact Marc Bond who is part of CBC.

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