KSBC and CBC’s Nigel Price feature in BBC2’s “Reverse Missionaries” at 9 pm on Friday 16 March. See here for details.

Pastor Franklin Small/Thomas Burchell. Jamaica to King’s Stanley, Gloucestershire

Jamaican Baptist Preacher, Pastor Franklin Small is coming to King’s Stanley, a village in the Cotswolds. It’s home to the oldest Baptist Church in Gloucestershire which is threatened with closure. But this is also home to Thomas Burchell a missionary who left in the 1820’s and was at the vanguard of the anti-slavery movement in the Caribbean. Sadly in the UK his remarkable achievements have been largely forgotten. In 1831 tensions between white slave owners and Burchell came to a head and a slave rebellion was viciously repressed – hundreds were killed and churches razed to the ground. Fearing for his life Burchell fled back to England where he tirelessly campaigned for abolition. His efforts were rewarded with the passing of the 1833 Slavery Act.

Inspired by the life and struggles of his hero, Pastor Franklin’s UK mission is to bring new energy to the community and help the village re-engage with its faith. The local vicar (Nigel Price from Cirencester Baptist Church) has been given 5 years to save the village church. But can a Jamaican Pastor, who has never been to Britain before, help turn things around?

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