Questions-for-GodQuestions to God – part 6

The final selection of questions we have asked God, and some possible answers in Twitter style (maximum 140 characters).


Q:  Why are mental health problems so resistant to healing?

A:  So many reasons. Here’s some – brain chemistry, faith, choices, trauma, demons, disappointment & loss. I care, and I will heal.


Q:  Do you ever get bored with us.

A: Never bored, always loving, sometimes disappointed.


Q: Why do some people appear to be attracted to others of the same sex?

A: You have many desires I gave you – for food, sex, sleep, drink, pleasure & excitement. All of you have turmoil in at least one of these areas. I want to lead these areas of you into life.


Q:  Why do princesses have crowns?

A:  So we know they are princesses and not just some bossy girl.


Q:  What is heaven like?

A:  Fantastic relationship with God, fantastic relationships with loads of other people – and a great big dinner. It will never end. (NB. Heaven is coming to us, rather than us going to heaven)


Q:  Why did you make us look how we look?

A:  It’s the best design for what you are made for. But blame your parents for your nose 😉


Q:  Do you have wifi?

A:  You bet, the best in the universe. I can see and know anything at anytime I want.


Q:  Where do all the dead people go?

A:  To Sheol (the place of the departed) where everyone waits for the last day when Jesus returns.


Q:  Why aren’t unicorns real?

A:  I rejected the design because the spike kept getting in the way.


Q:  Am I going to heaven or hell?

A:  Your choice. Jesus has done all you need to have eternal life. Choose life.


Q:  Did the Canaanites actually practice infant sacrifice?

A:  Yes they did, not too often – but I had to deal with it.

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