Last Sunday evening we had the “Gardeners of Eden Question Time”. Lots of great questions raised such as: 

“What happened to the dinosaurs?”; “Should we take Genesis 1&2 literally?”; “If everything was good, where did the snake come from?”

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of books and websites that will be helpful if you want to dig into this further.


  • ‘Seven Days that Divide the World’                                          John Lennox
  • ‘Reclaiming Genesis’                                                                       Melvin Tinker
  • ‘Reason, Science and Faith’                                                          Roger Forster and Paul Marston
  • ‘Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose?’                   Denis Alexander


  • Iain Provan Lectures on Genesis                                     
  • Reading Genesis in the 21st Century by Jon Parker
  • Born to Play! by Graham Daniels                                  
  • Adam & Eve with Rt Rev Tom Wright                          

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