1979728_10152374815589430_1017125817399973035_nThis week is the week of prayer for Christian unity with prayer times in most of our churches in Cirencester.

Here’s the programme, let’s try and find a moment to pray in someone else’s church:

  •  Monday 19th Jan 7.30-8.30pm                Baptist Church, Coxwell Street
  • Tuesday 20th Jan 4.00pm                           Methodist/URC Church, Ashcroft Rd
  • Wednesday 21st Jan 10am                        St Peter’s Church, Stratton
  • Wednesday 21st Jan 7.00pm                    Holy Trinity Church, Watermoor
  • Thursday 22nd 10.30am                             Quakers, Thomas Street
  • Friday 23rd 7.30-9pm                                   New Life Church, Wilkinson Road
  • Saturday 24th 6pm                                       Catholic Church, St Peter’s Road
  • Monday-Friday 12pm                                  Parish Church, Marketplace

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