God loves His church, and loves it when we pray together in unity. During the week of 19th – 26th January, we are invited to join with Christians from our area to pray together in each of our church buildings, and in each of our styles. There will be an opportunity every day of the week to gather and pray in each of the churches, during the day and in the evenings.

  • Monday 20th Jan 7.30-8.30pm CBC, (at Coxwell St.)
  • Tuesday 21st Jan 11am St Peter’s Church, Stratton
  • Wednesday 22nd Jan 4.30pm Methodist/URC Church, Ashcroft Rd
  • Thursday 23rd 10.30am Quakers, Thomas Street
  • Thursday 23rd 7-8pm Salvation Army, Thomas Street
  • Friday 24th 7.30-9pm New Life Church, Wilkinson Road
  • Saturday 25th 6pm Catholic Church, St Peter’s Road
  • Monday-Friday 12pm Parish Church, Marketplace

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