As CBC has grown and the needs of the church have changed we have needed to change how we use our buildings to accommodate this. Moving the morning services to Deer Park School is part of this.

We now want to pray together for God’s leading and provision for CBC for a longer term building solution for the church and its mission to the local communities. Space for all ages – not just on Sundays, but throughout the week. So we are gathering to pray for this next Wednesday.

7.30-9.30pm at Coxwell Street – everyone is encouraged to be there

7.30-8.00pm      Sharing bible verses & prophecies we have had – and then silent prayer and listening to God

8.00-8.30pm       Sung worship

8.30-9.00pm       Groups of 6. Sharing with each other anything we feel God is saying, then praying together, and then for each group to  share with everyone anything that seemed particularly to strike them from what they have discussed in the group.

9.00-9.30pm       Open prayer/intercession for God to lead and provide for CBC with larger facilities.

Come for all or part of the evening. Refreshments available throughout.

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