2016-09-11-daniel-white-matt-frost 2016-09-11-daniel-white-memorial-moveThe largest new church building in Cirencester for centuries is almost ready for opening. The new Baptist Church on Chesterton Lane will be finished by December 2016 and fully open in January next year. It will have a 500-seat auditorium, a cafe space and many rooms available for use by the local community. The Cirencester & Tetbury Foodbank will also be moving their warehouse to the basement.

In preparation for the move, the congregation at the Baptist Church have been celebrating 365 years of the church’s history on their current site in Coxwell Street, near the Marketplace. Last weekend they were visited by the ‘Rev Daniel White’ who was the minister 200 years ago. He took part in the celebrations, and also saw the removal of the memorial stone in his honour that is being taken to be installed in the new building. The current chapel and halls have been sold by the church – and are likely to be converted to flats – whilst retaining the outside appearance, stained glass windows and old railings.