This Sunday we kick off a new series of teaching for our services and house group meetings based around King David and his psalms.

In our Sunday morning services we will be looking at some of the incidents from David’s life as recorded in the Old Testament books of 1&2 Samuel – we launch this week with the story of David’s anointing from 1Samuel 16.

In our evening service, and in our house group meetings, we will be exploring some of the Psalms that are attributed to David. Each week’s Psalm will be connected with the incident from David’s life that we are thinking about in the morning service.

For our house groups, this is an opportunity to use the psalms for more than just bible study – but as a tool to go further in worship and prayer. They are an opportunity to be creative.

Some of our musicians have been working on new songs to accompany the psalms. This Sunday evening our wroship band will be teaching us a new song they have written based on Psalm 138.

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