IMAG3156• Work is well underway at Chesterton Lane: the new bits of foundation are being laid; lots of drainage is being put into the ground (see all the pipes in the photo); the existing foundations are being prepared for the arrival of the steel work which should be on site by 20th Feb

• The baptism pool has been agreed upon – including the colour! We’ve gone for blue.

• The design for the wooden cross by Graham Ikin has been discussed by the builders. It should be a large cedar cross with lighting within the structure to represent light breaking out from the darkness. (see the initial drawings for the design)

• Lots of details are being sorted out every week – the position of outside power sockets, where the outside tap should be, the exact location of one of the accessible toilets, who will lay the carpets that the church has been given, how the kitchen will be laid out and more and more ……