A letter from the elders at CBC about our plans to appoint a new associate pastor to join our staff and leadership team.

Dear Friends,

You may have noticed that there is a lot going on in our church!  It has probably always been so.  The amazing thing is that over the years, God has given us opportunities to serve him within the church, our local communities and beyond.  CBC has taken these opportunities and has sought to serve him, even though the cost, in terms of effort, time and money, has often been great. Recently, numerical growth in the church and our witness, has increased significantly.  This growth has been achieved right across the age ranges – through children, young people & adults.  What a blessing to be part of a ‘family church’.

However, these opportunities bring challenges – to our faith, yes, but also challenges to our resources to achieve our mission.  Isn’t it great that so many are involved in the life of our church?  In support of this, we have agreed the appointment of an Associate Pastor to strengthen the leadership team.

We want to fund this additional appointment.  We anticipate a part-time post costing about £20,000 a year.  We would also like to have a balanced budget for this year, and currently we are looking at a small deficit of about £8,000 (we have the reserves to cover this, but do not wish to dip into them).

We are asking everyone who is part of CBC to review their giving.  Our use of money is important to God as it reflects our priorities in life.  Giving to God’s work is part of how we use our money, and he wants us to do it prayerfully and cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:7).  We ask this, not to build up reserves, but to be good stewards & facilitate greater ministry in the church & community. Many in the church give generously, which is really appreciated.  Over time, circumstances can change, and we may need to review what we give.  Some may need to reduce their giving, whereas others can increase theirs.  Some new among us may not yet have thought about giving to God for the work of the church.  Perhaps we can urge you to do this.

The need is for a sustained increase in church income.  You may be able to increase your regular giving, or perhaps make a one-off gift.  £20,000 each year to pay for a part-time Associate Pastor is a large sum of money, but might sound easier for us to achieve if it is expressed differently:

Current monthly giving Revised giving for balanced budget & Associate Pastor
£20 £23.12
£50 £58.45
£100 £116.90
£250 £292.25
£500 £584.50

To enable us to remove our budget deficit and progress the appointment of an Associate Pastor, would you please prayerfully consider your ongoing giving to the church.  Then, perhaps you would let Caroline McKemey our Church Treasurer know the outcome.  We have prepared a ‘pledge form’ to help you with this, which you will receive on 22nd July to coincide with teaching on “The Kingdom of God in our Giving”.

We are so grateful to everyone who contributes in any way to the life of our church, and pray we will all know God’s inspiration, blessing and fruitfulness as we continue to serve him.

With love

The elders at CBC

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