CBC has moved its morning services to the school to provide more space for children, youth & adults as Coxwell St. was packed. Our 10 week trial is nearly over, and the church must decide if we believe it is right to continue. There have been some practical challenges with the move, such as the sound, transport for older members, staging & the projector. Much work has been done to solve them – and continues to be done. There have been on average 50 more people at services compared to the capacity at Coxwell Street.

Below are some questions that you may like to answer and return to the church office. You can also make comments by email to office@cirencester-baptist.org. (You can download the form and print it out here).

1. Do you believe CBC should continue to hold morning services at Deer Park School?

2. If no, what do you see as the right alternative?

3. Are there particular aspects of the new venue that you have appreciated?

4. Are there particular aspects of the new venue that you would like to change?

5. Is there anything that you feel God has been saying to you about this move?

6. If the church also held an earlier (say 9am) simpler, quieter service at Coxwell Street, would you feel this would be of benefit?

Feel free to add any further comments or observations:

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