Our first service at Deer Park went well – thank you to all concerned. Here are a few pieces of info to help in the weeks to come. There are lots of things for us to learn and work out. Let’s keep loving, laughing and being gracious with each other as we work together with God on this exciting venture.


There are some challenges for the PA team and the musicians in getting the sound right in a new, larger space with unfamiliar equipment. They are working very hard to iron out the difficulties. Please be patient – they are aware.


In a couple of weeks, new projectors will be installed meaning that all 3 screens will be in use, and the central one will be clearer. The presentations on the screens will be made higher to help people sitting at the back to see.

We had initially planned to have our band and preachers on the floor to avoid a performance feel, however for people sitting further back they cannot see. So we will be experimenting with being on the stage or stage blocks.

Children & Youth

  • Once children leave, adults are invited to move further forward.
  • Children will be returned to the hall by the teams after the service.
  • Youth & TB2 children can use The Atrium to ‘hang out’ after the service.


  • Leave the chairs out, as the school will use them on Monday morning.
  • Please help to clear up – musical & PA things, and children’s rooms.


  • Communion – please dispose of your cup after the service.
  • Car Parking – please use both car parks. The one behind the hall (staff car park), and the one next to the astro-turf hockey pitches.
  • Material that would have been in the pigeon holes at Coxwell Street will be available on a table.
  • A table will be available to place coats on if you’d prefer not to have them on your chair.

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