Mega Messy at CBC 3-5pm on Sunday April 15th.  It’s a really good way to invite people along to church, without it feeling like a “traditional church service” – and yet it has all the elements!

This month it’s a Mega Messy – twice the length – and it’s got more Holiday Bible club elements – including team games (which will help us to tell part of the story!), memory verse (done very practically), jokes and Bob or Naomi will get splatted with shaving foam throughout the afternoon!  Alongside this we will be telling the Easter Story and then focussing on the breakfast Jesus had on the beach with his disciples. There will be worship, prayer and chance to relate it to our lives (response).  It all ends with tea.  If you decide to come and bring some friends along please can you bring some food, such as sandwiches or cakes with you.

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