All Age Worship (at Deer Park School)

leaders Matt Frost, Bob Morris, Naomi Shrubsole, Phil Trainer.

We will worship together for 25 minutes including a nativity by the children
and then we will have a choice of four activities to choose from.

Option 1: Emmanuel – God with us – a guided time of reflection on what
this means for us and those we come into contact with. In the main hall with
Naomi Shrubsole.
Option 2: What does Christmas mean to you? – a discussion and time of
reflection and sharing in small groups about Christmas memories and family
traditions! In the library with Bob Morris & Simon Walters.
Option 3: O come, o come Emmanuel! – a variety of prayer stations
leading us in prayer that God would be with us, with those around us
in Cirencester, with our nation, and with the world. In the entrance hall and
lobby area With Phil Trainer
Option 4: I Can’t See Him But I Know He’s Here – games using taste, touch,
smell and hearing to explore how we can encounter God, even though we
can’t see him. In the atrium with Matt Frost.

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