An 8-session monthly meeting journeying together through the Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew chapters 5-7), seeking to get to grips with some of the foundational steps in following Jesus.  

The monthly teaching and equipping sessions will be combined with ongoing mentoring, support & monthly challenges to help new disciples put their faith into practice and build solid foundations for the future.


Is this for me?

Are you new to Christianity and church – then this is for you.

Are you wanting to go further on your journey with God – then this is for you.


How Will the Course Work?

Over eight months we will meet to look at each of the 8 ‘beatitudes’ in Matthew 5. We will explore how they apply to our lives as followers of Jesus – and then decide how we need to put them into practice during the next month.

During each month you will meet with a mentor (someone you trust from CBC) to talk and pray about how you are getting on putting it into practice.

So, for example, when we are exploring the beatitude “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called sons of God”, your activity for the month will include seeking to make peace with anyone that you have fallen out with. When you meet with your mentor during the month you can talk and pray about how it’s going.


We will meet every month for 90 minutes, lead by Matt Frost, Phil Trainer, Clare and Sam Hannis. We will explore Jesus’ teaching, and ask God and each other how we should respond.

Then, you will have a month to apply what we have learned. When we get together the following month, you will share with others in the group how you got on.


During the Following course, you are also invited to read the book “Cafe Theology” by Michael Lloyd to help grow in understanding the Christian Faith.


To do the Following course, you should be happy to:

  • commit for eight months
  • share honestly with others
  • meet with your mentor
  • pray regularly


We recommend that people taking part in the course join a CBC house group to help with their journey.



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