Wow what can I say but a HUGE thank you to all the kids and parents for their wonderful support for the cake sale on Sunday!! At first count we raised about £115 for Jumbulance. This is a wonderful start to the £800 target needed to get the Paternoster kids out for their day out.

I was absolutely overwhelmed by all the cakes you made. They looked wonderful and I am hoping that we can get some pictures up on the screens next week. (Photos will also be on CBC facebook)

A very special thank you to the kids who have really taken this to heart and are very enthusiastic salespeople!  They sorted the money and handled selling the cakes brilliantly.

Last but not least, thank you to my adult helpers;  to Naomi (who made it happen!), Celia who was baking at the crack of dawn this morning and did some pre-sales as well, and to the parents who came to help, Sam, Annette, Miriam and whoever I missed – sorry.

With love and thanks,

Philippa McIntyre

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