Signpost was originally set up alongside the Alpha course to provide a hot meal to those sleeping rough in Cirencester.  In August 2011, the group was launched with its own identity and has continued to grow reaching out beyond the homeless to those whose quality of life is impacted by issues such as mental health, alcohol and drug addictions and sometimes other factors.

To meet the requests that we receive about the group, we have created our own website to show the work that is being done.

We have recently set up a movie night and this has attracted so many people we have had to find larger premises.

Why Signpost?  Our mission is to:-

  • Point the way to hope and offer encouragement to those that are hurting.
  • For those who want to seek help, we can give details of those local agencies who can provide assistance.
  • Most importantly, we signpost the way to Jesus. The primary purpose of what we do is to show in a practical way the love of the Lord to all.  To re-enforce this message we have a discussion session after the meal on a Monday and all our movie nights centre on a Christian based theme.


To find out more, contact Graham & Juliette Harris (Graham is part of CBC) via their website.

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