On the 27th September all the churches in Cirencester would like to try something new to show in practical ways that we ‘care’ about our communities. We might litter pick, clean and tidy an area open to the public, repaint a subway, tend a garden or park etc. We may even be able to do an ‘SOS’ style repaint in part of a home…

We are in touch with the town council and other organisations to get some guidance.

Would you consider being part of the volunteer force?

We anticipate the tasks lasting between 2-5 hours. Once we know rough numbers of volunteers we will have a better idea how many projects to try and take on (numbers to be given to your church leader or other appointed person!) The day will start with a hymn and a prayer at a church. We will be given our equipment and that church will be the ‘base’ for the day.

Please give this new initiative some thought. A rough idea of numbers (no commitment at this stage) by the end of May please – loving and caring for people and places in our community.

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  • Nick Bridges

    says on:
    May 18, 2014 at 6:08 pm

    Great idea, but don’t forget to check with the local community groups that they don’t have existing plans. For example the Kingsmead to Watermoor Rd subway is due to be painted on Saturday June 7th at 10am (bring a brush if you like). The Watermoor Community Group also has plans for the Fairfax to Sperringate subway. The Chesterton Community Group has adopted the Deerpark subway (although it is in Park Ward).
    There are also regular litter picks and gardening initiatives. Why not join one of the community groups or one of the ‘Friends of’ groups linked to City Bank, The Amphitheatre or the Abbey grounds. There are also organisations like FairShares and Cotswold Volunteer Services co-ordinating efforts all year round who would love to have additional helpers.

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