2012 marks 400 years since the founding of the first ever Baptist Church in Britain. Inspired by this Cirencester’s School of Faith is hosting 6 evenings of teaching exploring the exciting history and distinctives of Britain’s Free Churches.

Each of the evenings will be hosted by the church that is the focus of the teaching for the evening.

The first session will be held at CBC as Matt Frost explores the Baptist churches. The full programme is below. For more details and to book for one or all of the evenings please contact the Parish Office on 01285 659317 or pick up a brochure on a Sunday at CBC.

The History of the Free Churches

Host: We will be welcomed at each church by their members

Who are the free churches? Why are they there? What are their distinctives? Where did they come from? Where are they going?

This course aims to give an understanding of different ‘non–conformist’ churches in Cirencester. It is not the history of the buildings, but the remarkable history, theology and ecclesiology of each denomination.

Monday (and one Tuesday – 21st Feb)

Date           Subject                         Speaker              Venue

23rd Jan      Baptists                         Matt Frost           Baptist Church

30th Jan      Quakers                         Jane Gracie         Friends Meeting House

6th Feb     Methodists                      Dr John Emmett Ashcroft Church

13th Feb    Salvation Army           David Ludditt     Salvation Army

21th Feb     United Reform            Eric Massey        S. Cerney United Church

27th Feb     Charismatic

& Pentecostal                                     Matt Frost           New Life Church

Time: 7.30pm

Cost: £12 pp for the whole course or £2pp per evening

Course Code: FC/1/12

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