Our church has experienced much growth over its 360 year history and we now have reached the stage where our current premises at Coxwell Street are too small to meet our needs. For the last 2+ years we have been meeting on Sunday mornings at Deer Park school to help cope with our growing numbers.

CBC has bought a large building on Chesterton Lane in Cirencester that can accommodate all that the church wants to do both now, and in the future. Our new church building will be a place large enough for us all to meet together for worship, a place where we can grow, a place where people can meet with Jesus, a place from which we can reach out to the community and a place glorifying to God.

There is a long way to go, much work to be done and funding needed. But this is an exciting step forward to the work of CBC in Cirencester and the Cotswolds.


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