Our dear friend and church member Reg Bottoms died recently. 18 months ago he wrote a poem about being ‘born again’. It was read at his funeral, and here it is:

Born again?  I’d never heard
Of such a thing, it’s quite absurd!
The thought is so illogical,
Not even biological.

There’s no way I could wave a wand,
Or shrink like Alice in the Wonderland;
I had to live my life on earth,
How could there be a second birth?

God said there’ll be a Judgement Day;
I thought of it with great dismay.
It was enough to make me weep;
God’s standards are too hard to keep.

Yet Jesus said, ”You must”, and so
I thought that I would have a go;
But all my efforts were in vain,
How could  I then be born again?

The Hindu Pundits like to say
Reincarnation is the way;
But that is not what Jesus meant,
He said New Birth is Heaven sent.

I cannot say just how He did it,
I cannot tell what hour or minute;
It’s really quite a mystery,
That miracle He did for me.

The truth began to trickle in,
That God had dealt with all my sin;
It gradually became quite plain
So I believed in Jesus’ name.

As Jesus took the punishment
For me, I knew I must repent
Of all those sins for which He died,
That day when He was crucified.

Now and then I had a doubt,
Sometimes I wasn’t sure about
That miracle of God’s grace;
Had it really taken place?

Then one day in my ‘Quiet Hour’,
I felt the lack of heavenly power;
‘Spirit Baptism’ I needed,
And for


I strongly pleaded.

The Spirit powerfully came,
And I shall never be the same;
My doubts and fears all went away,
And full assurance came to stay.