Questions-for-GodHere are more of the fascinating, inspired and just plain bonkers questions that you asked God during our service 3 weeks ago.


Q:  Why did you choose Mary’s son to be the chosen one?

A:   Jesus had been chosen since before the world began. I simply had to choose a woman who would trust me to be his mum.


Q:  What can I do or say that would show my sons that you are the answer?

A:  Ask me to show you what specifically the best way is for them. However, praying, loving, talking and serving them is a good start.


Q:  Why is Matt Frost such a nutty geezer?

A:  Some things are just too mysterious.


Q:  What is the meaning of life?

A:  To love God with all your heart, mind, soul & strength; and to love your neighbour like you love yourself.


Q:  If there is only one God, why are there so many religions?

A:  Every human being is looking for answers and for God – many of them are sincere and passionate about it. It’s just that they don’t always look in the best place – which is Jesus.


Q:  Do people with near death experiences truly meet with you, or is it the devil deceiving them?

A:  In the moments around death, you are often very open in your mind to all kinds of things. Sometimes it’s me; sometimes it’s your mind – and from time to time it can be evil spirits.


Q:  Why are gingers bullied?

A:  People are just jealous of their hair!


Q:  Why are there so many people in this world?

A:  When I made humans, I told them to go and fill the earth with people. You are doing just that.


Q:  Does the idea of sacrificial atonement [look it up] imply a violent God?

A:  The violence done to Jesus was from the hands of men. But in it I paid the most painful price to deal with the sin & violence of your life and the whole world.

Perhaps the most enigmatic question written simply had these words at the top of a blank sheet of paper: “This page intentionally blank. Job 40:3”.

What do you make of it?



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