QuestionHere are more of the fascinating, inspired and just plain bonkers questions that you asked God during our service 4 weeks ago.


Q:  Why, if you are so good, is there so much suffering in the world?

A:  The work of the devil, and the power of human sin have brought powerful destructive forces to the world, the human race and your hearts. (1John 5:19)


Q:  So, if suffering comes from the devil and our sin, why don’t you put a stop to it?

A:  I am working now to ‘redeem’ the world – to change it. And I will soon sort the whole lot. But for now I am patient, because I want to give all of you a chance to freely turn to me. (2Peter 3:8-10)


Q:  Why is the universe so big?

A:   Who says it is big? The heavens declare the glory of God (Psalm 19), so as you marvel at its size, perceive the massive God who is behind it.


Q:  Are we the only ones in the entire universe?

A:   If not, like the animals, they are part of the rest of creation. You (humans) are unique in God’s image; able to know, love and worship Him.


Q:  How and why did you create the world?

A:  Why? To display my glory; in creation but ultimately the glory of my grace in the cross of Christ. How? I spoke.


Q:  Is it ever right to go to war?

A:   War is a terrible result of sin that we shouldn’t desire but sometimes is the only way to prevent greater suffering. Pray for governments.


Q:  Why aren’t there more miracles and healings and why are you slow to answer me?

A:  Sometimes because you don’t have faith. Sometimes because you need to wait. Sometimes because you haven’t really asked me.


Q:  Why don’t Christians always agree on things?

A:  Sometimes because I’m a diverse and creative God who made you diverse and creative. Sometimes it’s because you’ve made mistakes. Sometimes it’s because of your selfishness & pride.


Q:  What should I do about…?

A:  I know the plans I have for you and I will show you what’s right for you one step at a time if you are willing to listen. Remember my timing is perfect.


Q:  Why do I struggle to do your will?

A:  Sometimes because you don’t know what it is, so take time to listen to my voice. Sometimes it’s because you prefer doing your own will.


Q:  Why did you choose to save me rather than my “neighbour”?

A:  I love your neighbour just as much as you. I will never stop knocking at their door, and longing that they make the same choice.

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