CBC’s monthly All Age Services are changing. Previously, everyone has been together in the main hall for the whole hour or so. From next Sunday, everyone will worship together for 20-25 minutes, and then we will have a choice of four activities to choose from.

Theme: Daniel Chapter 1 – Living for God in a Foreign Culture

Option 1: Eat your Greens – in the main hall lead by Pete Marrow. A guided bible study           focussing on how we can stand out for God in our everyday lives.

Option 2:  “Catch” and Share – in the entrance hall lead by Naomi Shrubsole. Spend time “catching” what God wants to say to others in your small group and sharing it. Be encouraged to catch and share God with those we meet in our everyday lives. (No previous experience necessary)

Option 3: The Generation Game – in the library lead by Bob Morris. Come and meet people of all ages, find out what their world is like and encourage one another in your journeys with God.

Option 4: Choices and Consequences – in the Atrium lead by Matt Frost. High octane games and fun teaching us about making good decisions for God.

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