CBC’s monthly All Age Services have changed. We will worship together for 10 minutes, and then we will have a choice of four activities to choose from.

Theme: Communion

Option 1: Jesus’ death on the cross – a guided meditation around the theme. In the main hall lead by Bob Morris.

Option 2:  What ‘ingredients’ make a meal special? – discussion in small groups about meal times and communion. In the library lead by Phil Trainer.

Option 3: Creative Communion Prayer Stations – spend time moving around four stations, or stay at one. In the entrance hall and lobby area lead by Naomi Shrubsole

Option 4: Baking Bread and Crushing Grapes –  kneading dough, squashing grapes, pouring juice, weighing flour. Come and help us make the ingredients for a successful communion. Be prepared to get your hands messy. In the atrium lead by Matt Frost.

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