The seven Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership course, is an fantastic opportunity for women in the West of England to affirm and develop their leadership skills, and for churches and ministers to invest in women of all ages in the region. It is being offered at a time when the Baptist Union has identified a lack of positive affirmation and opportunities for women to use and develop their gifts.

The course, based on the book of the same name, takes place over seven Saturdays between April and December and is delivered by author, preacher and international speaker, Revd Kate Coleman and her team.

It is a quality event which has already been successfully run in Birmingham, Yorkshire and Southern Counties and would be appreciated by those in secular and corporate contexts. For further information on each of the days please visit the following link:

As an introduction to the event we are hosting a Taster Evening with coffee and dessert at 7.00pm on Thursday 28th February at Tyndale Baptist Church in Bristol when Kate and her team will explain the course and give a flavour of the type event that can be expected. To register an interest or for more information please contact or ring 0117 2798954.

Click here to download a flyer for the WEBA Taster Evening

One participant from an earlier course said this about it ~

Whether you are a leader in a church setting or within the corporate world, this programme is an absolute must. It has provided me with the tools and insights to enable me to gain a deeper understanding of who I am and how I express my leadership. A valuable life changing ann affirming experience.

Elaine Storkey, President of Tear Fund said of the book ~

This is a “must read’ book for anyone in leadership .. in her perceptive examination, Kate Coleman uncovers what so often lies hidden in this area, and places it firmly on the agenda. It’s rare to find such careful research, gripping narrative and positive mentoring all in one book. I loved it!

Please identify women in your churches and women you are acquainted with in all walks of life and use the attached flyer to invite them to this Taster event and Course.

Please support this venture prayerfully.

The cost of each Saturday is £45. Please also consider supporting this venture financially through a donation towards the cost of putting on the course, through sponsoring individual women from your own churches or into a scholarship fund for those who are unable to bear the cost themselves.

Host Team: Sian Murray-Williams, Rachel Haig, Sian Hancock & Jenni Entrican

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