As you may know, our Sunday morning services at CBC are running out of space for adults, children and young people. This is a challenge that we are very pleased to have. The church is considering moving our Sunday morning services to Deer Park School. As part of this we have put aside some time to pray together about this – to hear from God what he wants for CBC.

Everyone from the church is invited to come in and join in prayer  – either alone or with others at some point during the 24 hours:

Friday 17th -Saturday 18th June


7.00-8.30pm………..Prayer meeting lead by Matt Frost

8.30-11.00pm……….Sign up to come in and pray individually


8.00-9.30am…………Prayer breakfast lead by John Goddard

9.30am-5.30pm…….Sign up to come in and pray individually

5.30-7.00pm……….. Prayer meeting lead by Bob Morris

To sign up to come in and pray for an hour or more, please put your name on the sign up sheets in the foyer at Coxwell Street, or just send an email saying what time you’d like to come in. We will be using the lower hall for our prayer togehter, and it will be set out to facilitate our praying. If you are unable to get to Coxwell Street, then please pray at home, and let the church leadership know anything you believe that God is saying to you.

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