Recently during one of my talks I mentioned “the eight questions that people ask about God”. These 8 summarise almost all that people ask about God, Jesus, the Bible and Christianity. I will answer them on the ‘Pastor’s Blog’ section of CBC’s website over the next couple of months.

This is the first part of the first question – “Why believe in God at all?”

No one in my family believed in God. Everyone was atheists – but I changed my mind, began believing in God and became a Christian. It didn’t happen overnight, yet over a period of 1½ years I decided to believe. But why? Why did a fairly sensible man (are you sure? Ed) make this crazy decision? Because the evidence was so powerful that I had no choice but to believe. There were so many reasons for this decision – but here are 7 of the most important:

1)         I discovered that the evidence for life, death & resurrection of Jesus was overwhelming.

Like many of us, I thought that Jesus was simply a nice guy who said helpful things such as “Love your neighbour”. But, as I looked at the historical evidence for his life, I was drawn to a far more dramatic conclusion. The evidence from history is powerful. As the famous historian FF Bruce (Prof. at Manchester Uni.) put it: “The historical evidence for Christ is as [certain]. . as the historical evidence for Julius Caesar”. I could not find an alternative explanation for his life, except that he was, and is, the son of God.

2)         I realised that science and the bible do not conflict

I studied biology at University – and I was sure my studies would give me many good reasons to disprove the bible. In fact, the opposite has proved to be true. The scientific knowledge I have gained has served to confirm the presence of an intelligent designer behind our universe.

3)         I experienced lots of miracles

“Why doesn’t God just turn up and do a miracle? Then I might believe.” I have experienced hundreds of miracles in answer to very simple prayers. Blind people have recovered their eyesight, the deaf are hearing again and people have walked out of wheelchairs. God has provided for my needs and the needs of others in remarkable ways.

4)         I found that the bible is intelligent, consistent and wonderful to read

As I read the bible for the first time I discovered some amazing things: It doesn’t contradict itself, it hasn’t been changed since it was first written, it’s content is supported by archaeology and history and its words are powerful. It provided me with intelligent answers for the most difficult questions we have such as “Why is there so much suffering in the world?”

5)         The church is a remarkable community

I never went to church when I was younger – and many who did simply found it boring or irrelevant. When I did go, I found people who were not perfect – but were the most honest, humble and caring men & women I’d ever met.

6)         I experienced the power and love of God

Having thought about God for a long time, I finally began to talk to him and to my surprise, I began to experience him. I knew that I was loved in a way no human being could love. I experienced a spiritual power that was unparalleled to me.

7)         I discovered the goodness & kindness that I always hoped existed somewhere

This is known as the ‘anthropological argument’ – and I will expand on this in detail in part 2 on my blog.

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  • Nathan Milner

    says on:
    April 16, 2011 at 11:33 pm

    Excellent post…am looking forward to the rest in the series! Hope all is going well in Cirencester

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