membership2Are you a member of a golf club, a trade union, the Girls Brigade or Netflix? According to the New Testament, being a ‘member’ of a church means something rather more  – it means we have decided that we will follow Jesus – and seek to do it sharing our lives with a bunch of others who have made the same decision. This is because a ‘member’ is part of the body – not just someone who has filled in a membership form. So if you are a Christian, and you are making CBC your spiritual home – then you are a ‘member’ of the church.

Like all Baptist churches, CBC has a formal membership – and by being a member you say that you are willing to be held accountable for your Christian faith. It also means you are part of shaping the direction of the church as all the major decisions in church life are taking at the church members’ meetings. Please have a chat about membership with one of our leaders or a friend who is a member.