CBC has moved her morning services to Deer Park School since the beginning of January. In the last few months I, along with many from our church, have been asking the question ‘What is God saying to the church about this? Is this God, or just a good idea?’

A good question.

This week, for the third time, someone shared with me the same picture/prophecy that they have, separately, had about this.  The picture they’ve had is of a ‘pot-bound’ plant that needs to be moved to a larger container to allow more growth. Here in full, is one of the words given at a prayer meeting a while back:

“The Lord said to Abram “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.” (Genesis 12:1)

Repotting is one of my favourite gardening jobs. I enjoy the whole proccess, from the preparing of a fresh pot for a root-bound specimen, to watching it fill the space around it over the following weeks. I can almost picture the re-housed plant giving a sigh of contentment as it flexes its toes in fresh soil, luxuritiang in the extra space.

God is also in the business of re-potting, though we Christians may find it an uncomfortable experience. God knows when we’ve outgrown our place or situation, so he moves us out of our comfort zone.

We don’t often welcome the idea of being uprooted by God. We are creatures of habit. We grow accustomed to our pot, our role within our workplace, our church and our community. Even if we feel cramped and claustrophobic, we take heart from knowing who we are and what’s expected of us in our current situation. But we stop growing in a pot that no longer fits, and a soiil that has lost its nutrients. Bonsai Christians aren’t what God wants.

When God does re-pot us, we can feel way out of our depth. Suddenly we are in unfamiliar soil, perhaps feeling lost, small and insignificant. It takes a while for us to stretch out and appreciate the new experience. But once we recognise that God has planted us where we are for a reason, we can face new challenges with confidence, secure in the knowledge that God will tend us and that we will grow in his love to fill the new role he has given us.

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  • Revd. Michael Hogg

    says on:
    March 1, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    Exactly what God has been saying to us at Wollaston Baptist Church. So much so that we have left our old buildings, moved into temporary accomodation(the village hall), demolished the old buildings, and are building a brand new building fit for purpose. God is preparing his church.

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