The last time I was preaching at CBC I referred to the “Eight Big Questions”. These eight account for the vast majority of queries that people have about believing in God and the Christian faith. Almost every question that I am asked about God, can fit into one of these eight. They are all questions that I asked on my journey from atheism to Christianity. They are good questions.

Here they are:

  • Why believe in God at all?
  • Suffering?
  • So many religions?
  • Bible – why trust it?
  • Who is Jesus – man or God?
  • Morality – why is X wrong? (where X is whichever behaviour or lifestyle that is being discussed)
  • Hasn’t science disproved bible/God?
  • If God is good, why is the church so rubbish?

You may have other questions – but I think that these eight cover the vast majority. Over the coming weeks, I intend to write my answers to these questions – and to point to others who have also found answers that may be more intelligent and profound than my own.

Watch this space.

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