Which ten non-fiction books have influenced your thinking, your behaviour and your life the most? Here’s my list – what’s yours?


The Bible

It almost goes without saying, but this book has changed, and still changes my life more than any other by far. It was becoming convinced that the stories in the bible are history not legend that has had the profoundest effect on my life.

Letters from a Sceptic – Greg Boyd. 

This book has done two things: firstly it (and many like it) shows that the Christian faith is reasonable, logical and evidence based. Secondly, it answers the ‘problem of evil’ in the profoundest way possible.

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie. 

The experienced and respected church leader Dr RT Kendall said that every pastor should read this book. I say that every person should read and do what’s in here. Put simply, it says that thinking yourself into other people’s shoes is the key.

Power Evangelism – John Wimber. 

The teaching of John Wimber has been the greatest influence on my life as a Christian. His simple teaching that the miracles of the New Testament should be part of our ministry and evangelism in the church today has been revolutionary.

Generation to Generation – Edwin Freidman. 

The most helpful book (among so many) on church leadership. Friedman, a rabbi from New York, shares how congregations behave like families – and that leaders of families (parents, pastors, headteachers etc.) should become a) Present, b) Non-anxious and c) Well defined. Pure gold – it has helped me to lead and to keep enjoying leading.

The Power to Heal – Francis MacNutt. 

Passionate, compassionate, faith filled, confident and non-anxious insights on the Christian healing ministry from this Catholic priest writing in the early 70s. It has been so helpful in praying for 1000s of sick people.

The Five Love Languages – Gary Chapman. 

The simple, yet revolutionary, idea that to express love to others (spouse, children, friends) you need to do it in the way that they receive love. Has been so valuable as a husband and dad.

Bounce – Matthew Syed. 

Syed shows that the key to getting good at anything (he starts with sport) is purposeful practice –  lots of it. It has influenced my approach to my work, my sport (cricket, tennis & golf), my music (guitar) and so much else in life.

Talk Like Ted. The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the Worlds Top Minds  – Carmine Gallo. 

The best book, by a country mile, on public speaking. Every preacher should read, absorb and adapt the lessons in this book.

Prayer: Key to Revival – David Yonggi Cho. 

The simple lesson of this book is that the key to a closer walk with God and a fruitful Christian life is time spent in prayer every day. I read it early on in my Christian journey, and have put it into practice.


If you’ve not read some of these, and they grab your attention – go and read.

Now, what’s your list?

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