Someone from CBC sent me a response to the earlier post about Cain. Have a read – interesting stuff:

Just been reading the blog on ‘Who are you afraid of, Cain?’

I don’t at all want to get into the debate about the literal or non-literal reading of the text, but was drawn to a comment you made, that because the Lord said ‘You will surely die’ they must have had some concept of death. Actually, purely from a logical point of view, your statement does not hold. It does not follow that a command can only logically be given when the recipient understands the concept. As a parent, we often have to speak warnings about things our children have no concept of. If I said to my young child ‘Don’t eat that deadly nightshade because you will die’ they don’t really get it yet, but it is still a reasonable and logical thing to say. If they have never known anyone to die, and have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, they really will never truly understand it, but painful experience (personal or perceived from afar) will teach this lesson and the concept. I am still within the bounds of what is reasonable in speaking the warning. Regardless of their understanding, they will die! I .might suggest that Adam and Eve, being adults, had a greater capacity to question the Lord and find out what He meant, and thus understand the gravity of the situation, without having needed the prior concept of death. The NT also states that sin entered the world, and death through sin…..oops, going off on the debate.

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