Following the ongoing success of my ‘Handy Household Tips’ during talks at Cirencester Baptist Church – here are the details for fixing a towel or curtain rail that I mentioned in today’s talk. You can’t say you don’t get your money’s worth at CBC!


A hole drilled into a wall (plaster, brick, concrete etc.) has enlarged over time, and not the fitting (towel rail, curtain rail etc) is loose and a new rawplug or screws won’t fix the problem.


  • Remove the old screw and rawplug. Clean out the hole entirely. Fill the hole with a filler such as cement, strong wall filler or similar. I used a putty for repairing stonework in fireplaces (I happen to have a tub).
  • Whilst still wet, insert a new rawplug into the centre of the filler.
  • Leave the filler to fully harden (the time for this will vary depending on what you’ve used).
  • Attach your rail using a new screw.  Job done.

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