You may not have noticed, but it’s been snowing recently. On the day of the heaviest snowfall in the Cotswolds, I read a comment on Twitter that simply said “Love the sounds of giggles in the garden“. Children were in the garden playing in the snow enjoying their unexpected school holiday.

The love of children’s joy is universal. Something about the innocence and fun appeals to all of us. Many of us are nostalgic for the things of our childhood. Why? I’d suggest because there seems to be innocence, laughter and a lack of the stress of life in childhood. My favourite films are often ones aimed at ‘families’ – because they seem simple, fun and filled with warmth. (‘Monsters Inc.’ is my current movie of choice.)

Many of us reflect on the realities of our own lives and emotions – and wish we could get some of this innocence and light-heartedness. Is it possible in the midst of such complexity?

If we are adults, we can’t return to being children. Part of growing up is learning to take responsibility for ourselves, and with this comes decisions, work, emotions, relationships & conflict. But can we find some innocence? Can we find the fun and light-heartedness?

 I, like all of us, can become worked up, too serious & grumpy. It’s not fun for me – and certainly not for those around me (special apologies to my family!).Personally speaking, it’s at these times that I turn to God and ask for help. Help to regain the innocence and laughter that he made us for. The desire for a purer life, free from worry and angst is in all of us – because God put it there. My own experience is that it is possible, with God’s help, to find it.

Anyone for a snowball fight?

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