Three out of four Brits claim to be Christian

Nearly 70 per cent of Britons still identify with the Christian faith, according to the Office for National Statistics. The Integrated Household Survey found that while the number of people saying they were not religious rose from 20.5 per cent last year to 23.2 per cent in 2011, the proportion describing themselves as Christian was still 68.5 per cent. An Evangelical Alliance spokesman accepted that not many of those who self-identified as Christians would be devout believers, but the Christian Institute said it was about time that the nominal Christian majority was reflected in government policy and broadcasters’ output.

Sources: The Telegraph (28/9); Daily Mail (29/9);

This is fascinating. It doesn’t seem to match my own experience of chatting with many people about faith. The majority in the UK seem to be agnostic – in the “there must be something up there somewhere” category – or maybe “sometimes I believe and sometimes I don’t”. This is the main thing I encounter – there are a few committed atheists, and some enthusiastic Christians – along with a few Muslims, Hindus etc. – but primarily it’s the Don’t Knows who are the winners.

However, most people I speak to are not hostile to the idea of God – just haven’t thought about it very much. They don’t have strong reasons not to believe – just haven’t found strong reasons to believe. As I shared in earlier posts – I think there are excellent reasons to believe in God, and in Jesus in particular. Perhaps we just need to do a better job of explaining.

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  • Kate

    says on:
    October 3, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    Just been dipping into a book called Discipling the Nations by Darrow Miller of YWAM. It helps explain about the main worldviews (mostly either secularism or animism) and helps to see how people of different worldviews interpret the same question. It also startling to see how Christians’ worldview is shaped more by the prevailing cultural worldview than by the Bible. I suspect people call themselves Christians because no other cap fits!

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