questionRecently at the All Age Service you were invited to respond to “If you could ask God one question, what would you ask?” The response was fantastic – we have had so many fascinating, thoughtful and challenging questions – and a few that are just bonkers. So, some of the elders have sought to answer the questions – using the Twitter rule, i.e. the answer can only have a maximum of 140 characters. This helps to stop the elders waffling, and to help answer lots of the questions. Many of the questions overlapped or where similar, so they have been combined.

There are so many, it will take a few weeks for us to fit them into the notice sheet. Here is the second bunch:


Q:  What is heaven like?

A:  Better than you could possibly imagine. Worship without distraction. Service without exhaustion. Fellowship without fear. Rest without boredom.


Q:  What form do we take in heaven?

A:   We will receive resurrection bodies: raised imperishable, in glory and power. No more sickness, decay, deterioration or death. Like Jesus.


Q:  Why did the Spirit descend on Jesus like a dove at His baptism?

A:   The dove indicates how He will use His anointed power: in meekness, tenderness and love. Not majestic like an eagle or fierce like a hawk.


Q:  When will Liverpool win the league?

A:  When they get more points after 38 games than any other team (unlikely)


Q:  Will my friend / husband believe in you? We’ve prayed so much!

A:  I long for them to believe but I’ll not force them, that’s not my way. I’m a gift to be unwrapped. Make sure you represent me accurately.


Q:  What 3 errors is the Christian church making?

A:  a) Christians are often known more for what they won’t stand for rather than what they do believe.

  1.    b) Practicing what you preach is paramount
  2.    c) People need to feel accepted, respected and valued to help them consider the Christian faith


Q:  What disappoints you about me?

A:  Sometimes you do things that make me sad, but I delight in who you are and never stop loving you.


Q:  How can I do better at pleasing you?

A:  Nothing you do can make me love you any more or any less.  I am really pleased when you choose to do things my way. I’m cheering you on!


Q:  Which came first the chicken or the egg?

A:  Chicken


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